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Annies Sur Le Lac

Has a great night!

Locally famous

Annies Sur Le Lac

since 1986

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Annies Sur Le Lac

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Annie's - Locally famous since 1986
You are invited to enjoy a meal or just a drink on our beautiful terrace or inside our dining room. From the terrace you get a great view of Lac St-Louis, and the boats as they come through the locks. Afterwards you can stroll along the boardwalk which straddles Lac St.-Louis and Lake of Two Mountains. Sunset over the Lake of Two Mountains is not to be missed.
Our beers - Labatt Brewing Company
Labatt has an unwavering commitment to using only the finest ingredients and time-proven methods to brew what it believes are among the best beers in the world. Here you will discover the fine beers Labatt has to offer, a rich portfolio which represents the best variety and selection of international specialty beers from around the world.
Our Location
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue is an on-island suburb located at the western tip of the Island of Montreal in southwestern Quebec, Canada. It is the second oldest community in Montreal's West Island, having been founded as a parish in 1703. Sainte Anne was known for its numerous hotels. Today many of these have either been converted into restaurants or have disappeared to makeway for progress!! The Raymond Hotel built in 1855 is now Annie's restaurant.


76, rue Sainte-Anne
Tel (514) 457-0599
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